Ways To Stop Getting Sick All The Time

With current events, it is imperative to make sure that we are as healthy as we can without really wasting money or doing anything major. Doctors have advised us to be alert, not anxious. And fortunately, it is actually pretty easy to keep ourselves as healthy and as hydrated as possible. All we really got to do is improve our lifestyle a little bit and adopt some habits that should have been adopted from the start.

So what do we do?

Wash your hands as much as possible

The standard hand-washing is 20 seconds, with soap. We focus a lot on our hands because these are touching bacteria more often than we would think. So as much as you can allow yourself, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds and do it as much as possible.

Stop touching your face (especially the eyes, nose and mouth)

We know that our hands are full of bacteria. What better way to get sick than touching said hands to the face? Our eyes, mouth and nose are entrances to our system so it is REALLY important that you don’t touch those areas ESPECIALLY if you have not washed your hands yet. If there is a need to scratch your face, use tissues then throw it away immediately.

Get enough sleep

Stop ruining your immune system by pulling all-nighters. We need sleep, the PROPER kind. You know, the 8-hour thing? If you can’t do this due to age or stress, try drinking chamomile tea and put lavender scent into your humidifier. They will help you relax. And just so you won’t be tempted to stay up all night, put your phone away before going to bed.

Get your flu shot every single year

This is not an option. Get it every year and before you start asking dumb questions we will answer it for you; NO, they will not make you sick. They will PREVENT you from being sick. Capiche?

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

As generic as it is because we’ve heard of this since we were kids, it’s been done so for a good reason. They give us a lot of vitamins, one of which is vitamin C. this boosts our immune system and make us stronger against possible sickness.

Exercise regularly

Sweating and working on your muscles so they don’t go obsolete help you fight of viruses. As annoying as it is to work out, you might as well do it if it means good health.

Keep distance from sick people

Duh. What with current events, it is kind of obvious that we have to stay away from them. In fact, if you YOURSELF are sick, you shouldn’t be working or going out either and infecting other people. But if you have a colleague who’s sick, sit two to three seats away from them since that is as far as bacteria can travel.

Alcohol and sanitiser at ALL times

Wash your hands with these after you’ve gone out EVERY TIME. It prevents you from catching sickness.