Food And Culture Trip In Southeast Asia!

Are you the type who wonders what it’s like on the other side of the world? Are you someone who can’t help but want to see what the people living there are like and if there are any similarities as well as differences between your own culture and theirs?

It’s natural to be curious. After all, there is so much in the world that you can barely take in with your own eyes before you say goodbye to it once you reach a certain age. So for now, let’s try to soak in as much as we could while we are spritely and eager. Let’s give in to our curiosity. Let’s travel, let’s explore!

There is one good place to start, and that is Southeast Asia, due to its diversity especially when it comes to culture. This part of the world is also packed with so much adventure. While we won’t be able to cover all of the countries there, you should at least know which countries are the best for tourists and where you should start first. Read on and get acquainted with the culture and food that make them notable.


Thailand should be in your top 10. Not only does it house the best boutique hotel Thailand could ever offer, it also houses some of the richest cultures in Asia. You are going to have fun exploring it, especially Ayutthaya itself. This place was founded in 1350 so you know that it’s brimming with history. Back then, vendors riding their little sampans would sell dishes of rice noodles, crackling, roasted meat and rich pork broth. These days, you can enjoy these amazing Thailand dishes on dry land too. Don’t miss out.


Japan is probably the one country in the world that has been getting popular as the years go by. It’s an ideal destination to go to and if you’re planning to really visit Japan and experience the best it can offer, go to Kyoto. This city has a tradition named obanzai ryori, where the chefs would feed you whatever they can cook, with half the ingredients taken solely from and around Kyoto itself. This tradition is to show that they value minimising waste, are very generous in their hospitality and that they embody balance. You would be surprised by how great the people of Japan actually are. There is no pretentiousness here and everything is genuine.


You can’t help but fall in love with Myanmar. From their interesting and amazing culture that is filled with hundreds of years of history, to the modern parts of the cities including their Burma luxury hotels and transportation, you wouldn’t want to leave afterwards. Your food trip here would be so fun and interesting. You get to eat mohinga, Shan noodles, tea leaf salad, pork curry, noodle or rice salad, coconut noodles and mangosteen! You can munch on the amazing food after you’ve taken a trip around Myanmar.

The fun doesn’t stop there, either. After you’ve gone to these three countries, you would notice that other countries have been becoming popular too. Next trip should be in Indonesia, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Laos and Vietnam. Why stop there? Explore some more yourself!