Get out your Comfort Zone and Meet People When Travelling

Travelling solo can scare a lot of people and often makes them miss out on some awesome experiences. This fear that is natural can put as at a disadvantage unless we take active ways to manage it and do things that help us get out of our comfort zone.

If you want to be prepared for your solo travel and get ready to make lots of friends, this article is for you. You’ll discover practical and easy tips that you can put into place as soon as you land. This way, you’ll expand your networks, enjoy lots of activities with new people and make friends for life.

How to get out your Comfort Zone and Meet People When Travelling

We know your probably thinking you’re already in a foreign country, why would you want to make friends with strangers. Wouldn’t that make you more on edge? The opposite is true! Follow these tips to start making new friends, especially useful if you are travelling alone.

Tip 1 – Keep an open mind

Try giving people you wouldn’t normally a chance and keep open minded when you’re on the road. You will be meeting different people from different cultural backgrounds. They may not have the customs and way of speaking you are used to initially but once you get to know them, you may be pleasantly surprised. It’s also nice the blur the boundaries of age and backgrounds as when you are travelling, this doesn’t matter anymore! You can meet people everywhere – on buses, at cafes, on the beach – you name it.

Tip 2 – Stick to Hostels

Hostels, unlike hotels, encourage social atmospheres and community. There are some great hostels everywhere you go and also help you save money in the long run if you are planning a longer trip. At hostels, make sure you eat in the communal areas and get involved in conversations. Also, it’s a great idea to look at the excursions they offer and buddy up with people staying there. There are plenty of people also travelling alone so there’s a good chance you will make instant connections.

Tip 3 – book on group tours

Don’t go solo everywhere. Just because you are travelling alone it doesn’t mean you have to go everywhere alone. In fact, try to get involved in more group tours and start talking to strangers

Tip 4 – Bond over food

Food, especially in other countries, is a great talking point. Everyone feels good when eating and socialising so if you see other travellers sitting next to you, start a conversation instead of staying silent.

Do these things actively whilst you are travelling alone and you will be surprised how easily it becomes to make friends. This will enhance the quality of your trip as you speak to lots of people and expand your networks.