How to Prevent Sickness Whilst on Holiday

Have you ever been sick whilst you’re on holiday? You will know it’s one of the worst possible times and places to come down with something nasty. If you have than our sympathy and hearts go out to you. If you have gone aboard several times than its more than likely you would have caught one or two bugs along the way.

This article discusses some of the practical tips to fighting against the nasty bugs that can potentially crop up when we go aboard. With all the flights, disturbed sleeping times and foreign bugs around, you want to protect your immune system. This article will present you with some top ways of doing so meaning you can stay healthy for the duration of your getaway and make the most out of your trip.

How to Prevent Sickness Whilst on Holiday

Bring layers

Not sure of the weather? You will want to bring layers either way. It’s better to have extra clothes than to not have enough and be feeling run down already then find yourself feeling cold. You will be spending a lot of time out exploring so this element is essential to protecting against falling ill.

Take vitamin C and Echinacea

These two immune boosting supplements will keep you strong and ready for action. Even if you are not feeling run down its best to top up and won’t do you any harm. When your routine is thrown off and maybe you’re not eating as well or sleeping as well as normal, these two are a must for remaining healthy.

Take some Grapefruit seed extract  

When you are buying bottled water abroad, squeeze a few drops of this in it to purify the water and also ward off any potential bugs. You will find you get sick less as this powerful extract works wonders for warding off harmful bacteria.

Bring a good hand sanitizer

Seeing that most of the germs we catch are on our hands and especially on public transport, it’s wise to keep our hands clean. Try and keep them away from your mouth when out and about and bring a sanitizer with you in case there is not any soap or to use when you need a refresh.

Drink plenty of water

Keeping hydrated is essential. This is particularly the case if you have been on a long-haul flight as flying can be super dehydrating. When you are dehydrated and need to fight off bacteria or a potential sickness, this is much harder for our body to do. Moreover, keep water on you at all times and stay hydrated. Get enough rest, drink plenty of water and remember to bring your supplements are three things you should definitely take away from this article. This way you will be able to stay protected and be operating at your best.