Top Tropical Countries to Visit

Whether the beautiful places these countries have are manmade or just natural, you know that you got to visit and see it with your own eyes. At least once. Photos and videos will never do it justice. With your own eyes, you have got to see how much the water of the beaches there sparkle. How clear they are. How white and soft the sand is. How beautiful the environment is and how friendly and amazing the locals are.

You just got to.


When you look at the photos that were taken in Maldives, you would think that the place itself wasn’t from this dimension. To me, the natural beauty of it makes it look like something out of a Triple A video game. And if you’ve played the recent God of War or at least saw the gameplay, then you know just how beautiful the comparison is.

We have to thank the Indian Ocean for their beautiful waters. The fact that they are so crystal clear and just unreal is something to behold. This is definitely going in my top favorites.


Not only is this a hotspot for Canadian and European travelers, but their hotels are also so very cheap. Home to one of the best diving spots in this wonderful place called The Caribbean, it’s no wonder this place is such a tourist destination. The colour of its waters is enough to make you blind with beauty, if that even is a thing.

Did you know that it’s also known for having its beaches tucked into these coves? And then we can’t forget about its marine life and its expansive coral reefs. If you’re the type to go scuba-diving, then you know you got to see it with your own eyes.

The Dominican Republic

“DR”, this one’s called. You not only have the amazing beaches and their beautifully cheap resorts, you also have their culture and history which are very deep in and on itself. And when they boast about their fabulous eco-system, oh they boast well. What more do you want from their soaring green peaks, savanna, coral reefs, mangroves, deserts and steamy jungles? That place is like an Adventurer’s paradise. And hey, if you’re looking for a very cheap place to stay once you get there, then look into smartertravel ( to not only get an idea for which place you plan on staying in the Dominican Republic, but for also all the other cheap tropical vacations that you might be interested in.

Thailand (The Andaman Coast)

The seascapes on this one is just wild. If you’re the type to go island-hopping, then this place is the best for you. They allow you to go explore with their many islands at your own pace. Want to know which islands are the more famous ones to explore? The Phi Phi Islands which are Ko Phi Phi Leh and Ko Phi Phi Don, both of which are very nice to take a gander at. Based on, it seems that the former isle is famous for being the place where The Beach was filmed, which was a Leonardo DiCaprio movie.