Keeping Spontaneous Whilst You Travel the World

A spontaneous spirit is so important when you travel and even for everyday life. As humans, we often get into habits and rituals that keep us feeling comfortable and in control. When we travel, the whole point is to be in the familiar and have fun with it. When we start getting habitual and into routines with travelling and exploring, this is a red flag.

If you are there already, then there are some solid tips in this article to help you increase your spontaneous spirit.  If you stay away from certain things and put certain things into practice, you can ensure you keep the excitement of travel fresh throughout your whole trip.

Tips for Maintaining Free-Spirit and Spontaneity When Travelling

Vacations are precious and the time goes so fast. You want to make the most of your time and here’s how to do it in the free-spirit style:

  • Stay away from guidebooks

You will want to not buy lonely planets and other popular sites such as trip advisor. This is because even though they are valuable resources, they can be rather limiting in terms of what you see and where you go. They will list all of the top sights to see but they will not take you anywhere near the adventure you wish to go. If you want to go off the beaten path and take a real trip then ask the locals and go to niche travel forums.

  • Don’t book a tour bus

If you’re seeing the city for the first time this might be a nice way to get grounded in your environment and establish the main spots. however, you want to ditch this as soon as possible. To remain spontaneous, you can try taking the train and hopping off at random spots. As long as you research where is safe for foreigners to travel and get to know common scams, then you can keep the magic without the tour buses.

  • Book Airbnb’s

Instead of going to the first five start or four-star hotel you see, why not try getting in with the locals. Airbnb’s can be found in the city but also in cost neighbourhoods at the heart of a community. This will get you up close and personal with the locals of the country and also give you a fresh view of the life from the people who live there as you are living amongst them.

  • Wing it more

When you are starting out you will want to book a central location but then don’t plan things too much. See how you feel and go with the flow in terms of next locations. Book a coach somewhere to a neighbouring country even! There are no limits and no rules!

Put these tips in place to keep your trip full of spontaneous moments and add further excitement to your travel.