Golf Resorts Make For A Perfect Holiday Destination

Do you have a passion for golf? Love a great holiday? Why not combine the two with specialist golfing holidays in Victoria – you can hit the golf course completely relaxed, knowing that there’s no rush to get back to the office and only more relaxing times ahead.

There are some golf resorts that specialise in creating golfing holidays with your unique needs in mind. Here are some top tips for booking a truly great golf resort holiday.

1. Choose Your Base

If you’re not too sure about where to spend a golfing holiday, ask people who have already been to different golf resorts, or in their local area. You may decide you want to stay in a hotel right on a golf course so you can enjoy the beautiful greenery and simply step out of your room and into the course. Or you may prefer to have restaurants and bars within walking distance and are okay with driving a little distance to get to the golf courses.

2. Travelling Companions

Often the company you keep on holiday can make or break the trip. Decide who will be travelling with you and how many people. Sometimes resorts offer discounts for larger groups, or include meals or even spa treatments for couples.

3. Book Early

If you want to secure tee times that suit you and your group, it’s a good idea to book the holiday early. The closer you are to travel time, the busier the schedule is likely to be.

4. Will You Be Driving?

Will you need to hire a car? If you’re likely to do a lot of exploring in between games of golf, and prefer to have your freedom, it’s a good idea to hire a vehicle. Transfers are also a great option if you’d prefer to be driven around and not have to worry about drinking and driving.

5. Fun In the Sun

One of the biggest benefits of a great golfing resort holiday is the weather. Think about what time of year you would like to go – are you okay with playing golf in the height of summer? There can be some great deals at that time of year since courses tend to be less busy. Looking to escape a gloomy winter? Some destinations can offer really pleasant golfing conditions so you can make the most of golf in the sun.

6. Rules and Regulations

A lot of golf courses have strict policies regarding players that you need to be aware of prior to booking. Soft spikes are usually mandatory in most resorts and some will even ask to see your handicap certificate. Find out the nitty gritty before you go, don’t leave it to chance and risk being turned away.

7. Relax

Finally, once all the arrangements are taken care of, enjoy your golf resort holiday! It’s the ultimate relaxation time for avid golfers, and even their non-golfing partners may enjoy spa treatments, great meals, and delicious cocktails at sunset.