Festivals Around The World You Don’t Want To Miss

The world is big and has a lot of people living in it. Lots of people with different kinds of culture and history and celebrate them in different ways alike. Doesn’t that just make you a little adventure-greedy? There are festivals around the world that needs your eyes to gaze upon them. It needs your presence so you can enjoy it them as well. There’s just so many things around the world that we haven’t even touched upon.

And we NEED to.

I can’t be the only one in the world who is vibrating with excitement at the thought of going to different countries just to experience the festivals they have out there, right? Because I really want to go to festivals such as:

The Mardi Gras

This festival sings to my carnival-loving soul. There are so many colours on this particular festival as everyone in New Orleans party like crazy, dance to the music and so much more. This carnival also goes by the name Fat Tuesday, since it’s held before the fasting that happens on Lent. I guess you could say that this is when people really go full out eating and don’t hold back, just so their bodies could prepare for the fasting that happens next. I can respect that. Eating is something I can definitely respect.

Holi, Festival of Colours

India, Nepal and all the other Indian population celebrates this one to commemorate the battle of good and evil, with good winning. My favourite part about this is most probably the part where people goes into streets and throw water balloons and dyes at each other, much like a less lethal version of paintball. You know, without the use of a gun and all. It ends with a lot of people all colourful and laughing as they take in the “damage” they’ve taken.


A beer festival. All you alcohol-lovers are probably drooling over yourself right now, huh? I don’t blame you. This German festival is something to be had. People would gather all over every year by the time September ends just to drink and have fun. It’s like the world’s largest college frat party. And that’s not all, of course. No, there are child-friendly stuff here as well, like eating traditional food, a lot of games, side stalls and so many rides.


A very famous festival in the Philippines, particularly in Cebu, that a lot of people from around the world travel to for. It’s like the festival that is celebrated all over the country. Almost. Okay, it may not be all over the country but it IS all over Cebu. It’s the celebration of the country’s concession to Christianity and the locals dance in the streets all day in honour of their localised version of baby Jesus, Santo Niño. If you want to see beautiful men and women parade and dance in the streets, go to Cebu during this day, and at night, enjoy it by dancing yourself while throwing water, beer and paint in the streets. It’s a very colourful event.