Why France is one of the Most Romantic Travel Destinations

France has been known to be the most romantic place for a long time now and until you have been there, you may be wondering why. Does it live up to its reputation steeped in romance and love? Is Paris really the city of romance and passion?

There is a lot to be said about why it has gained this reputation and this article will give some great reasons behind why this is the case. It will also list some of the most romantic spots in France if you and your loved one are planning a trip. Whether you are going for valentine’s day or planning a honeymoon, it’s a place to remember.

What Makes France so Romantic?

Paris is known to the ultimate couple’s getaway where partners go to profess their love underneath the Eiffel tower. The beautiful architecture, atmosphere and mixture of natural beauty all offer everything to people in relationships. Scout out hidden parks in Paris and see the most stunning tourist attracts like Jardin Du Luxembourg.

There’s a lot to be explored together and something for everyone in the city of love. On pebbled and mosaic floors with movie-inspired street lanterns, the city boasts luxury and finesse. The spirit of the Parisian and French in general is also one of passion which comes across on the visit. So, if one loves to shop, they will be completely satisfied with the finer things that Paris has to offer.

Paris seems to get a lot of attention for the romance of France but there are several other destinations that offer heaps of love.

The Louvre Pyramid

Hot-spots for Love in France

If you are planning a holiday or want to do some exploring in France, we have the ultimate romantic list for you.


First and foremost, Paris is the ultimate destination for romance for all the reasons mentioned above and more. You will not be disappointed if you go with your loved one. It’s also the perfect backdrop for a valentine’s day or honeymoon.

Loire Valley

This is just a quick journey from Paris and features some of the most beautiful vineyards, castles and towers in France. If you head to the capital then this is a must. You will be able to get fresh air with peaceful villages and flowing green hills.

A trip to Normandy

This serene place is full of natural beauty, lush green landscapes and even lovely beaches! You will get a mixture of history with the medieval forts and the best of both worlds for your romantic getaway.


Nice is another popular destination along the Riviera and is popular for its historical streets and stunning sunset views.

As you can see, France has plenty to offer if you are planning a romantic getaway with your loved one.