How to Pack Light for a Long Getaway

When it comes down to packing for a holiday, you will want to take literally everything you can fit in your suitcase or backpack. This mentality often leaves us bringing items we don’t need or find we don’t even utilize when we are away.

It’s often said that it’s better you have it and bring it then to not have that option at all. However, a lot of times we can actually pack more efficiently to increase the efficiency of our packing. This way we won’t take near as enough stuff that weighs us down and pretty much all of what we are carrying will be used.

What’s great about efficient packing?

Well to start with, you can skip the extra and often expensive costs that come with weighing down your suitcase with lots of stuff. Here’s some other potential benefits you could be missing out on:

  • You save time packing and unpacking
  • You may be able to save lots of time at the airport and take only carry-on luggage
  • If you are taking several trips or flights, you can walk pretty much care free and light
  • It’s easier to commute and jump off trains/buses once reaching your destination
  • You’ll put your body under much less pressure

How to Pack Light for a Long Getaway

Use these swaps and packing hacks so when it comes to those long getaways, you’ll have no trouble squeezing everything into one suitcase:

  1. Decrease the size of your suitcase – we know that when you are going away for longer you are tempted to get a bigger suitcase. Going with the smaller size however will ensure you pack lighter and force you to think about what you need and get rid of the extra fluff. This principle can also be applied with backpacks too.
  2. Get an expandable suitcase – if you are going small, get an expandable feature that allows you to get a bit more in. also, remember to search for the suitcase weight if you are shopping online.
  3. Get travel scales – if you want that extra bit of certainty before you hit the road then invest in some travel weighing scales. You can get them pretty cheap online or in stores and they can give you peace of mind before you set off.
  4. Use a list – don’t pack going on what you feel and what appears to come to mind but instead create a list or print one off online. Then you will want to be strict as not to get too distracted when it comes to packing what is not on your list.

These top tips will keep you well prepared and packing efficiently even for the longer trips. Put them in place before you open your suitcase to start reaping the benefits.